Going Trekking in Nepal – The Adventure or What?

Each year Nepal interests 200,000 plus trekkers. That also means that every year 200,000 plus people are confronted with the tough pick of choosing which trekking terminus to explore in Nepal.

How odd it may seem that the choice of selecting your preferred trek might really be stress-free made in your own home country (with good internet connection) than in the busy trekking and tourist area, Thamel, where t of thousands of trekking agencies unavoidably will offer you diverse views as to which trek is the finest trek in Nepal.

Worst case scenario, some views proposed by native trekking agencies may be more income driven than all else. Best case scenario, you will receive decent but likely dissimilar bits of information from numerous practical trekking companies in Kathmandu. As which trek is really the best in Nepal?

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

Although some may believe there is a final answer to that question it does actually come down to your own individual trekking penchants.  The questions you need to ask yourself are as follows:

  • What level of trekking effort do you want?
  • How many days can you spare for trekking in Nepal?
  • Are you considering for a remote trekking destination or a touristy one?
  • Do you have a budget or is the price not that relevant for you?
  • During which season are you trekking here? (certain treks are not suggested during the monsoon and winter season)
  • Are you looking for far-off and tough camping treks (also sometimes called adventure treks) or the simpler treks?
  • Are you going alone, or with somebody else? Certain treks in Nepal have Restricted Licenses and hence entail a minimum of 2 people, and the company of a Nepali porter or guide.

2 Most Popular Treks in Nepal

1- EVEREST BASE CAMP. Twelve/Thirteen days, 25,000 plus  trekkers each year

This is a great trekking area. You will confront with the world’s highest mountain, The Mountain Everest (8,850 m tall), and see numerous other grand peaks. You will also encounter the Sherpa people, famous for their climbing skills. In short, an eccentric trekking experience.

The Highlights

  • Stand frontal with Mt. Everest and experience the Everest Base Camp.
  • Kala Patthar at fifty-six hundred meters, a vantage point offering fanciful views of grandiose peaks such as Nuptse, Mount Everest, and Lhotse
  • Pronounced trekking trail and outstanding mountain landscapes


  • You will trek up and down on more or less the same trail.

2- ANNAPURNA CIRCUIT, Thirteen/Fourteen  days, the entire Annapurna Region,100,000 plus trekkers every year

Great trekking terrain. Nice Himalayan scenery. Easy trek with loads of tea-houses. In past years road construction has taken place along some parts of the trek, regrettably lessening the overall trekking experience.


  • Passage through the world’s widest pass, the Thorong La Pass (5,416 meters)
  • Different trekking terrain as because of high alteration in altitudes, varying from seven hundred and sixty meters to five thousand four hundred and sixteen meters
  • Established trek contributing a great degree of comfort


  • Road construction next to the trail at parts of the